Liu Xiang’s Fans, Coach, Cry Over His 110m Hurdle Pullout

Posted by Bill Belew on January 10th, 2012 in China, Sports | No Comments

Liu Xiang collapsed under the weight of 1.3 billion fans and all their expectations. Or did he?

His coach and fans broke down with him.

He with Achilles tendon pain, the fans and coach with heartbreak because their hopes were dashed.

What about Liu Xiang’s hopes and expectations.

Liu Xiang’s coach, Sun Haiping, broke down into tears at the press conference where he explained why his ‘fighter’ had quit.

The head coach of the Chinese team – “I know that kind of pain was unbearable.”

Which pain? Carrying the nation’s expectations, the tendon pain, or disappointing his family, friends and nation?


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