Indian teenager murdered over love letter

Posted by Sharon on March 20th, 2012 in Asia, India | 2 Comments

I have to admit that the topic I am about to discuss is one that I do not have an in-depth knowledge about. I do not know everything about the Indian Caste system or how it came about. I do not know if its origin is religious or otherwise. But I do know this: a 16-year-old boy was killed because he was in love. Not because he made a girl pregnant or assaulted her or did anything to her other than writing a love letter. But she was

from a different caste. And the letter became his death sentence.

According to MSNBC’s article Teen thrown under train for writing love letter, the boy was 15 years-old and wrote the letter to a girl from his village in rural Northern India. The rival caste (which was lower) kidnapped the boy while he was on his way to school, shaved his head and paraded him through the streets. The boy’s mother begged for mercy to no avail and saw her son disappear under the wheels of the train…

Regardless of any social, religious or spiritual system dominant in a country, does being in love justify being ruthlessly murdered? Or am I missing something here?

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