Classical music treatment for Indian prisoners

Posted by Terya on January 16th, 2012 in Asia, India | 1 Comment

In the area of Bihar, the justice system is getting desparate. It is India’s 3rd largest state by population and a staggering 58% of that population is below 25 years of age. Combine that with the lag in economic and human development, and you would understand why the crime rate in Bihar is skyrocketing. and is ‘beyond control‘. Some even nicknamed Bihar the Crime Capital.

But there is a positive change on it’s way. Government is investing in the area, improving education and healthcare among others. And the jails are taking a different approach to their inmates as well.

One particular jail has decided to play classical music every day. The music is mostly Indian classical music. Other techniques applied are yoga and meditation.

“We are hopeful this special musical treat will indeed end the jail monotony and soften the hardened attitude of criminals,” Bihar state Prisoners Welfare Officer Jai Prakash Das told Reuters in this article.

Let’s hope it works. If not to “soften their attitude”, then to brighten up their day. Because although the article refers to the prisoners as “gangsters and murderers”, many are also put in prison without ever seeing a trial. Prisons are largely overcrowded, as in above picture, and carry serious sick, as in picture below.

Many prisoners suffer from serious diseases

Many prisoners suffer from serious diseases

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