‘Bacardi-dilemma’ hits Asian youth

Posted by Terya on September 19th, 2010 in Asia, East Asia, Health, fitness and medical, Malaysia | No Comments

A few years ago, there was great concern among politicians in Europe. Teenagers were joining the latest trend en masse: colourful bottles of a drink that went down like lemonade , but actually contained some alcohol.

The Bacardi Breezer had the ultimate ‘cool’ image thanks to excellent marketing by Bacardi.

But supermarkets never checked any buyer’s age nor did they ask for identification. And the worry was that (too) young teenagers would be drinking too much.

The same thing is now happening in Malaysia, where a drink called samsu is being marketed with brand cartoon character names like Avatar and Ben 10 or equally youth attracting names such as Young Gun and Father Christmas.

The difference is: this drink can contain up to 51% alcohol… Yikes!

The Star newspaper headed: “Father Christmas turning teens into samsu addicts“, mentioning that the Malaysian governmental bodies is trying to regulate (read: ban) the drinks and/or shops that sell it. It will be interesting to see if they are more successful than their European counterparts.

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