Male bra’s are top seller in Japan

Posted by Terya on October 22nd, 2010 in Asia, Fashion, Japan | 5 Comments

Japan is always looked at as one of the leading countries for innovation. But their latest addition does not come from the technical corner… It’s bra’s for men.

The special (smaller cup) bra’s have only been on sale for close to three weeks, but demand is already beating expectations. Together with panties for men and women’s lingerie, the bra’s for crossover dressing men are sold in the online shop called Wishroom , at Rakuten online shopping mall.

But despite the high demand and positive feedback from customers, the bra’s are flaming up discussion on the Japanese web. Clearly they are still a controversial topic, but I guess that’s always the case for changes in tradition. Like boys playing with dolls and girls playing with cars. Like women getting paid jobs. Like men getting bra’s…

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