Unique sculptures in Singaporean museum

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You now have the chance to travel back 1400 years and see some of the most beautiful sculptures from the peak time of Chinese Buddhist art.

The sculptures were discovered in 1996, when construction workers were leveling the ground to build a school sports field. Archaeologists found over 400 limestone sculptures carefully buried, as though it was part of a ritual. The sculptures had lain undisturbed for over 800 years, and the “accidental” find has become one of the more significant archeological finds of the 20th century.

Visitors can expect to see 35 of the best preserved and most exquisite sculptures from Qingzhou, Shandong Province, northeast China. For more background information about the sculptures and their history, visit the AsianArtNewspaper.

Where: the Peranakan Museum, Singapore
Exhibition dates: 16 January – 26 April 2009

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