Chinese magic fish act upsets animal rights activists

Posted by Dave Landis on February 17th, 2011 in China | No Comments

fish swimming in sync

Fu Yangdong's fish swimming in sync on CCTV during Lunar New Year

During the Chinese Lunar New Year, millions of Chinese  across the Middle Kingdom were astounded by a magic fish act.  However, you can’t please everyone, some animal rights activists were crying foul.

Magician Fu Yangdong seemingly is able to command goldfish to perform synchronized swimming in a shallow tank.  Of course we know that he has something up his sleeve, he’s a magician.   Yet 53 animal rights groups in China have made a written request to keep him from repeating the trick on TV.

These protesters believe that Fu is using magnets or electrical currents somehow to make the fish do his bidding and want to know how he does it so they know the fish are not being harmed.

Leader of the activist group Da’erwen , Liu Huili, said: “Goldfish are small creatures that anyone can easily buy and abuse, or even kill.”

Lui is demanding that CCTV prohibit  the magic fish trick  from being broadcast on variety shows planned to mark the end of the Lunar New Year.

However, Fu is expected to repeat the trick on during the Latern Festival on Thursday for China Central Television’s annual gala which will be watched by hundreds of millions of people.   Fu says the fish are safe and free from harm, but he doesn’t want to disclose his secret.

What do you think?  Is this magic act cruel?