Salma Hayek’s husband to give $46,000 a month support to Linda Evangelista’s son

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Linda is reportedly seeking support of $46,000 per month from Salma Hayek’s husband to raise their son.


After claims that French billionaire Francois Henri Pinault is the father of model Linda Evangelista’s four-year-old son Augustine James, the model is now seeking child support.


Moreover, in the year 2007 Linda had denied that Pinault was the father of Augustine.

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According to the judge who is looking in to the case, this would probably be the largest support order in the history of the family court.



The model had said that the support would include a full-time nanny, along with armed drivers.

Recently, the French businessman was identified as the father of the four-year old Augustin James. Salma and Pinault briefly separated in the year 2006 and this was when Linda had conceived. Later in the year 2009, Hayek and Pinault were married.


And just after Pinault broke up with Linda, this was when Hayek had actually conceived and now they have a four year old daughter Valentina.




The lawyer of Evangelista had argued that Pinault had spent more than $46,000 on the expenses of Valentina, but did not pay anything for the support of Augustine.