Philippine actress Angel Locsin declares she didn’t go out with footballer Phil Younghusband

Posted by daniel on February 16th, 2011 in Celebrities and fame | No Comments

The state of the relationship between Philippine actress Angel Locsin and footballer Phil Younghusband is bogging the netizens these days.

It all started when the star athlete asked the actress out on Valentine’s Day in a very unusual way – on her microblogging site. Angel, however, turned down the offer that a thousand girls would kill for.

Later, using the same platform and calling Phil’s elder brother James his source, television host Tim Yap declared that the two would be going target shooting during the weekend.

Subsequently, ABS-CBN’s TJ Manotoc spoke to Phil himself and declared the news to be false. Yet, he defended Yap saying that James actually told him about the supposed outing.

The biggest surprise of all came when Angel wrote on her microblogging platform that the trip had been cancelled as the shooting range remained shut on Sundays. With this declaration, the actress made it clear that she indeed intended to go out with Phil.

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