Jackie Chan’s 100th movie to be released simultaneously in China and US

Posted by daniel on February 18th, 2011 in Celebrities and fame | No Comments

Chinese actor Jackie Chan has achieved a milestone not many actors can boast of. The legendary actor has just completed working on his 100th movie.

“1911″ (“Xin Hai Ge Ming”), the Chinese movie is likely to hit theatres on both the countries together in October, making it the first movie from Asia that would get a released in the American market on the same day as it does in the US.

The film tells the story of the Xinhai Revolution that took place in the year 1911, exactly a hundred years ago, as a tribute to the historical event. The movie that is also being produced by Jackie Chan, stars more than 70 actors from China. The leader of the revolution is being played by Winston Chao.

Last year saw two Chinese movies “Aftershock” and “If You Are the One 2″ were released in North America along with their Chinese release and got a considerably good response.

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