Asia’s Top Ten Beautiful Girls w/pics

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If it is possible to pick from the contestants to the 56th Miss World Contest in Warsaw Poland I might be able to decide who is the most beautiful girl in Asia – not only looks, of course.

Some people like sweet, some sour and some hot. Well, some people like western girls, I like Asians. I don’t know why. Anyway, here are my top ten prettiest girls in Asia from among the representatives of Asian countries at the Miss World Event.


10. Sun Rey Mom – 22 year old student from Cambodia -


Wants to be an air hostess.

Likes to play basketball, read and cook.


9. Thuy Mai Phuong – 18 year old student from Vietnam.


Wants to be a business woman.

Likes to jog, swim, read and music.


8. Melisa Mahapol – 23 year old graduate from Thailand.

168 cm

Wants to be an actress.

Likes traditional dancing, acting, playing the guitar and swimming.


7. Pereira Colleen Francisca – 24 year old Business Owner from Singapore.


Wants to build her business.

Likes to design, read, travel and take care of lost abandoned animals.


6. Anna Maris Igpit – 19 year old student from the Philippines


Wants to own a travel agency.

Likes playing fireball and to read.

natasha suri.jpg

5. Natasha Suri – 22 year old model from India -


Wants a career in fashion design.

Likes the old Indian classics and dance.

janet chow.jpg 4. Janet Chow – 23 year old student from Hong Kong -


Wants to own a health spa.

Enjoys traveling, singing and plays the flute and sax.

dou liu.jpg

3. Dou Liu – 24 year old TV host from China.-

179 cm.

Wants to open a school for poor children in Beijing.

Loves traveling and watching movies.

kazuha kondo.jpg

2. Kazuha Kondo – 21 year old student from Japan -


Wants to work in the publishing industry as a writer.

Likes reading, cooking, jogging, and Jazz.

sharon park.jpg

1. Sharon Park – 21 year old student from Korea -


Wants to be a family counselor.

Likes playing the flute and listening to classical music.

I have to admit that the wholesomeness of her bio and the fact that she, like my son, is in to classical music were influential factors in my decision.

Those are my picks from among the Asian countries who sent their prettiest. How about you?

Who’s your favorite?

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