China Attempts To Define Sexual Harassment

Posted by Bill Belew on November 30th, 2010 in Asia | No Comments

The Standing Committee of the Shanghai’s People’s Congress will take action on the Shanghai Supplement to the Women’s Protection Law.

If approved it will become the fist law in China’s history to define clearly what sexual harassment is.

1. Telling sexist jokessexual harassment.jpg

2. Emailing porn to colleagues

3. Sending sex related text messages will be outlawed.

There is no idea how much sexual harassment goes on in the Chinese businessworld, because until so few women would speak out. There were no laws to protect them and they were embarrassed.

Sounds like the U.S. not long ago, eh?

Last year, Shanghai Xuhui District People’s Court ruled against a woman in the first ever suit for sexual harassment. The women had accused her doctor of checking out too much.

This can be a giant step for women in China who have, despite the pretense of being equal with males, endured the dumber sex’s actions.

But, Chinese women should not consider this a complete victory, but rather a starting ground.

What do you think?

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